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Michigan Gift Baskets & Boxes by Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS ™

3 Pack Michigan GiftsMichigan Travels is the home of unique Michigan gifts to please everyone on your shopping list!  Our gift sets beautifully satisfy the need for elegant, delicious unique Michigan gifts which also share with the recipient the special wonders and heritage of the Great Lake State.  For even more upscale gift needs, you will find the most beautifully prepared Michigan gift baskets here. And for smaller budgets, our Michigan Gable Boxes offer a nice selection of treats.
One of the distinct advantages to sending Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS ™ gift boxes is that we can customize with your company logo (or a picture) on the labels, and/or create custom stories for larger orders. (Fees or minimum quantities apply).
Single jars customized with logo (or photo) and/or story are also available, which are wonderfully unique for company give-aways, weddings, family reunions, and so forth.

Michigan Gourmet Travels 3-pack and 6-pack gift box sets

Michigan Travels has its origins in Gift Basket Classics.  Our gift boxes fill the need for elegant and delicious unique Michigan gifts which also share the wonders and heritage of our Great Lake State. We are narrating Michigan's past legacies … savoring the present!  Both our 3 pack and 6 pack gift sets exclusively feature a vibrant graphic depiction of Michigan's best: the background softly details the shape of our state, while the foreground portrays colorful fruits, rolling orchards in bloom, an aqua blue lake with a sailboat, the Mackinac Bridge, and a beautiful sunset.

Our 3-pack Michigan gift set contains three impressive labeled jars, and six jars are featured in our 6-pack. Each of these unique Michigan gifts include:
  • Peach Preserves
  • Cherry Honey Mustard
  • Cherry Salsa
Plus, in the 6 Michigan Made Gift
  • Blueberry Preserves
  • Cherry Barbecue Sauce
  • Cherry Preserves 
Currently, our unique Michigan gifts spotlight 12 “Community Collections” from which to choose. Each label in each collection tells a brief story about notable locations in that community (example: “St. Joseph Collection” - Silver Beach Peach Preserves).
If you prefer sending unique Michigan gifts of 6 different flavors of Fruit Preserves, we suggest our 6 pack jam-only gift box set.

Premium Presents

In this category, you will find three other options of unique Premium Presents
  • $75 and up: our gorgeous upscale Michigan gift baskets for you to send as corporate or personal gifts. Gift baskets by Michigan Gourmet Travels – when you want your gift to be “over the top”!
  • $60 and up: Larger gift boxes brimming with Michigan treats
  • $20 and up: Budget Michigan gable boxes 
Whether Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS(tm) gift boxes, gift baskets, or gable boxes, our goal is that when your recipient(s) receive their unique Michigan gifts, they are overwhelmed at its beauty, and secondly, that they find the products to all taste wonderful!
For more information regarding our unique Michigan gifts, or to learn more about our custom options, contact us at Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS ™ today!

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