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Gift Baskets

Michigan gift baskets by Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS ™ focuses on creating beautiful, upscale“Taste of Michigan” gift baskets for corporate and personal gifts.

Michigan Boat Gift Basket

For those who love their boat -- or wish they had a boat -- this one's loaded with the best Michigan-made treats!


Triple Tower of Treats

Great for a group to share! Rye crackers, cheese spread, buttery gourmet pretzels, decadent chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn, sesame snack sticks, and more ....

Ever since the beginning of Gift Basket Classics in 1991, we've always been searching for appropriate “made-in-Michigan” products with which to array our gift baskets. And we're picky! The products we choose have to:
  • be delicious
  • have nice packaging with colors that blend well together
  • be suitably sized to fit the basket
  • have portions sized right - (usually) enough to share 
Often, when we have found a product that works well for our premium presents - Michigan gift baskets by Michigan Gourmet Travels, we will use it in most of our gift baskets. Just a few of our favorites include:
  • Butter pretzels
  • Fancy mixed nuts
  • Fireside coffee
  • Granola
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Sesame snack mix
  • Fudge sauce
  • Gourmet peanut butter
  • Maple coated walnuts
  • Michigan-shaped mint chocolate wafers
  • Chocolate covered raisins 
Seasoned with nearly 25 years of experience, Carol has perfected her self-taught skills and techniques which make our gift baskets impressive and elegant.  Carol humbly recognizes this gift from God which allows her to visualize and create with colors, shapes, textures, and sizes that work well together in order to create premium presents - Michigan gift baskets by Michigan Gourmet Travels.   
Our goal is that when your recipient receives their premium presents - Michigan gift baskets by Michigan Gourmet Travels, first, they are overwhelmed at the beauty of the gift basket; secondly, that they find the products to all taste wonderful.  It's a compliment to hear that people did not want to open the gift basket right away, but rather waited in order to enjoy its beauty for a few days first!
Premium presents - Michigan gift baskets by Michigan Gourmet Travels.  When you want your gift to be “over the top”!
For more information about Michigan gift baskets by Michigan GOURMET TRAVELS ™, contact us today!


Special Announcements

Gift Basket Classics
and Michigan Travels Gourmet Specialties

will be closing on December 31, 2017

We want to thank all of our valued customers and clientele who have supported us through the years.

We are currently accepting gift BASKET orders,
but only those for LOCAL PICK-UP or LOCAL DELIVERY.

Michigan Travels Gourmet Specialties gift boxes (only) can still be SHIPPED.

Thank you.



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