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Mackinac Bridge Walk 2016

by sa • September 07, 2016
I have always been amazed by the Mackinac Bridge, and even more so as the years have gone by!
Thrilled by its enormity from the first time I saw it (and crossed it) at about age 7, until the last time I was there, when I took part in the Mackinac Bridge Walk 2011. Being somewhat afraid of heights, it was a bit of a challenge, but I wanted to achieve it to celebrate my birthday that year. It's amazing that there was very little fear crossing the Bridge, and the little fear came from looking UP at the towers! Have to confess, though, that I did NOT walk on the grating!  Maybe for my next big birthday, haha!
Here are some excellent photos and a great article from MLive about this year's Bridge Walk that I'm sure you'll enjoy!
Do you have a special story about walking the Bridge?

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